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Individual Treatments are tailored to each client’s physical and mental needs. After assessing these needs with the client, we design a treatment using one or more of our methods.

Insurance Coverage

Many auto and personal health insurance policies will cover massage therapy in case of accidents or medical conditions. Massage aids greatly in the healing of soft-tissue injuries as research shows. Washington Department of Labor and Industries will also cover treatments.   All clients need a prescription from an M.D., D.O., D.C., N.D. or A.R.N.P..  There must be a defined medical need with diagnostic codes from the prescriber.

Hospital or Home Calls

Can be arranged for injured or confined people unable to come to our office.

Gift Certificates Available

Massage makes a great gift.  You may purchase a gift certificate in person, or by phone and have us mail the certificate to you or the recipient  at no extra cost.  See prices below and select the length and type of treatment you wish to give.

Treatment Fees effective January 1, 2009

Wellness/Relaxation* Injury/Condition
45 minutes $50 $65
60 minutes $55 $75
75 minutes $60 $85

Prices reflect a discount for payment received at time of services.
Treatment massages covered by Insurance will be billed to your company at $22.50 per 15 minute unit.

*Relaxation includes Swedish and Sports Massage.